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What is an “Expo Expert”, anyway?

For well over the past decade, we’ve had boots on the ground at the largest expos, state fairs, trade shows, home shows,rodeos, athletic tournaments,business conferences and more, all while representing, creating, and selling brands that have grown to become household names!

We have our ear to the ground on the latest shopping trends and habits of arguably the best cross section of the American consumer. They are spending billions annually at these events. And because we interact with them face-to-face throughout the year, we know what they buy, why they buy, how they buy, and when they buy it. When the consumer breathes, we feel it. When you bring your brand to your marketplace, who else would you trust to help you introduce it to them?


Our Services

Here are a few ways that The Expo Experts can help you bring your brand to the masses:

  • I’ve participated in numerous action packed conventions that required precision planning and follow-through. I have absolute conviction that if it wasn’t for their leadership skills, military planning and overall awareness – we would have never pulled off the events successfully.

    Darwin Liu - Director of Business Development - X Agency
  • Running a complex 3 day event that accommodates several sponsors, over 20 VIP keynote speakers, and hundreds of attendees takes a GREAT team to execute it flawlessly. Jig and The Expo Experts team did it!

    Erik Swanson - Five Time #1 Bestselling Author; Founder, Habitude Warrior International

Here’s what I’m trying to do…

You’ll be amazed at the number of ideas that can come up – we know the right questions to ask in order to help guide your strategy.